Space Planning & Design

Space Planning and Office Layout Design

Northwest Modular Systems Furniture offers space planning. We provide space planning that meets local, county and federal building and fire codes. Our space planning service gives your employees room to work individually or in groups.Space planning accommodates for small or large companies. We complete space planning according to your business needs and work habits. Office layout design is included with this service. We’ll make sure the office furniture you buy fits properly into your work spaces. We look forward to giving

  • Meets Building and Fire Codes
  • Gives Employees Room to Work
  • Workstations and Separate Offices
  • Office Layout Design
  • Team and Individual Workstations
  • Improves Company Communication

No one wants to be overcrowded in the work place. We’ll solve this problem with office layout design. With office layout design everyone gets the space they need to work. We can work off the office layout design you already have. If not, we’ll come up with one for you. Office layout design takes into account your unique working style and needs. Our office layout design experts will go over possible office layouts. Office layout design is available for different sized offices. Call us with your dream office layout today.

  • Custom Office Layout Design
  • Thousands of Office Layout Designs
  • Provides Privacy for Separate Offices
  • Gives You The Work Space You Need
  • Accounts for Office Supplies and Furniture
  • Covers Your Overall Business Needs

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