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Haworth Compose 4x8/6x8/8x8 Workstations
Coming Soon!

Station Sizes: 4'x8', 6'x8', 8'x8'
Panel Height: 50"
Panel Color: L5-AA ~ Classic Musical
Trim Coloe: Light Gray
Surface Color: KG ~ Columbian Walnut
Quantity: 64 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include up to 1 BF Mobile Pedestals w/ Cushions, 1 Storage Tower, Surface Mount Divider

Hon Initiate 6x6 and 6x8 Workstations Incoming!

Station Sizes: 6'x6', 6'x8'
Panel Heights: 55", 66"
Panel Color: Light Grey
Panel Trim: Medium Grey
Surface Color: Light Grey
Quantity: 40 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include up to 1 36" Half-Height Open Shelf, 1 Tasklight, 1 BBF Pedestal, and 1 FF Pedestal

Please Call for Pricing!

Herman Miller A02 6x8 Workstations

Station Sizes: 6'x6', 6'x8', 8'x9'
Panel Heights: 67"
Panel Color: Strands Porcelain
Trim Color: Slate Gray
Storage Color: Slate Gray
Surface Color: Inner Tone Light Frosted
Tackboard Color: Red
Quantity: 10 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include up to 1 Height Adjustable Corner Surface, 1 2 Drawer Lateral File, 2 FF pedestals, 2 Flipper Door Overhead Storage, 2 Tasklights, 1 Tackboard

Please Call For Pricing!

Hon Accelerate 6'x7' 42½"H Workstations w/ Clear and Frosted 15" Built-in Glass (57" with 12" Acrylic Top Glass)

Various Original Configurations:
4 Pods of 2 Workstations
3 Pods of 4 Workstations

6 Pods of 6 Workstations
1 Line of 5 Workstations

Station Size: 6'x7'
Panel Height: 42½"
Glass Stacker Height: 15"
Built-in Glass: Clear on Wings, Frosted on Spine
Panel Color: Nimbus (APN16)
Trim Color: Platinum Metallic (T1)
Surface Color: Loft
Storage Color: Platinum Metallic (T1)
Quantity: 30 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include 1 BBF Pedestal, 1 FF Pedestal and 12'' Acrylic Stackers on Top Caps

Please Call for Pricing!

Allsteel Optimize 5.5'x5.5' 50"H Workstations w/ Framless Glass

Station Size: 6'x6'
Panel Height: 50"
Panel Color: Hummus (APN914)
Trim Color: Muslin (P4J)
Worksurface Color: Amber Cherry (LWAC)
Edgeband Color: Muslin (EU)

Quantity: 10 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include 1 BBF Pedestal, and 1 FF Pedestal.

Please Call for Pricing!

Just Arrived in Excellent Condition!

Station Size: 7'x7'

Panel Height: 67"
Panel Color: Candlelight
Panel Trim: LT/MT
Worksurface: LT
Quantity: 5 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station can Include, 1 BBF Pedestal, 1 30" 2-Drawer Lateral, up to 2 36" Overheads, up to 2 Tasklights and up to 2 Rail Tiles with Paper Flow Accessories.