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Upgrade from your kitchen table today!

Height Adjustable Table with a Mobile Box and File Pedestal
Multiple Surface Sizes Available!

30"x53" Dark Walnut Surface: 35
30"x48" Maple Surface: 5
Upgrade to 24"x66" Maple Surface for 25$ more!

Off-White Mobile Box/File Pedestal with Faux Ostrich Leather Cushion Top
Dimensions: 24"(H)x15"(W)x20"(D)

Set Cost: $275.00
With Upgraded 24"x66" Maple Top: $300.00

Nienkamper Vox Double Door Credenza with Lock
New MSRP: $4,900

Overall Dimension: 29"(D)x47"(W)x34"(H)
Color: Natural Walnut w/ Silver Accent
Quantity: 5

New Special Pricing!!
Cost: $75.00