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Haworth Compose 6x7.5' Workstations (Code: )


Station Size: 6x7.5'
Panel Height: 42"
Panel Colors: Hue Steam(6-ST), Putty(AA) and Columbian Walnut(KG)
Panel Trim: Putty (AA)
Surfaces: Columbian Walnut (KG)
Quantity: 43 (Configuration Depending)

Each Station Can Include 1 Mobile Box/Box/File Pedestal, 1 30" 2-Drawer Lateral file, 1 Adjustable Dual Monitor Mount, 1 Rail-Mounted Lamp, 1 Rail-Mounted Shelf, 1 Rail-Mounted Tool Cup, 1 Rail-Mounted Horizontal Paper Tray, 1 Rail-Mounted Odds and Ends Tray, and/or 1 30" Under Desk Bookshelf.