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Our items sell fast, so make an appointment to come by our warehouse or look through our vendor's catalogs to see some awesome deals that would be a shame to miss! Why spend more money for office furniture you can get for up to 80% off? You won't have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Seattle Used Office Cubicles

Used-Office-Cubicles-Seattle-WA Pre-owned inventory changes - call or visit our Online Store

Every Seattle business is focused on maintaining if not increasing the bottom line of the company.  It takes more than just a great product or service to keep the wheel turning.  Your Seattle employees are the spokes in the wheel and helping them to be happy, comfortable and productive is a big step in accomplishing your business goals.

If you are just starting a Seattle business, remodeling or expanding an existing Seattle company, used office cubicles may be the perfect choice. 

Northwest Modular is located just south of Seattle in Tukwila, and has a huge selection of new and high quality used office cubicles and workstations.  We are one of the top suppliers of previously owned office space or used office cubicles in the Puget Sound Region.

Because we are a walk-through warehouse, not a retail store, we can offer tremendous savings to our customers for used office cubicles and workstations.  Seattle business owners are welcome to set up an appointment to visit our walk-through warehouse.   

We carry name-brand high quality used cubicles at a fraction of the cost of new:

  • Herman Miller Ethospace
  • Haworth Premise
  • Herman Miller A02
  • Allsteel Terrace
  • Teknion
  • Steelcase

Seattle Used Office Cubicle

Choosing the right new office furniture or used office cubicle will depend upon several factors for the Seattle business owner. You must identify the work that will be done by each employee so that ample space is provided for furniture like filing cabinets, desks, chairs or required storage space. 

Providing a complete, comfortable furniture and functional work area with new or used office cubicles will promote efficiency and productivity of your Seattle employees.  Your used cubicle designs can include:

  • Low walls for easy communication between employees
  • High walls for more privacy
  • Individual space with storage options

Seattle Pre-Owned Office Cubicles

Pre-Owned-Office-Cubicles-Seattle-WA Pre-owned inventory changes - call or visit our Online Store

Seattle business owners must also consider the amount of available space for new or used office cubicles.  Where and how the used cubicle or furniture is placed has a big impact on employee satisfaction and efficiency. 

And employee satisfaction has a big impact on the bottom line!  Before purchasing new furniture or used office cubicles, consider the following:

  • Used cubicle wall height requirements
  • Sufficient walk way space
  • Lighting and power needs

Also identify the typical traffic flow within the used office cubicle work area.  It is  important to provide easy access to individual cubicles and desks, without causing a constant interruption to other employees. 

Northwest Modular is Seattle’s first choice in high quality used office cubicles and other furniture. Give us a call to see how we can save you time and money!  (206) 457-2628.