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Our items sell fast, so make an appointment to come by our warehouse or look through our vendor's catalogs to see some awesome deals that would be a shame to miss! Why spend more money for office furniture you can get for up to 80% off? You won't have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Federal Way Cubicle


The right office furniture adds to the productivity of your employees. Having office cubicles is the best way to ensure personal working spaces for employees while maximizing your office space. Choose the best office cubicles that give your employees the isolation and peace that they seek to complete their work efficiently.

Give a call to Northwest Modular Systems Furniture for any requirement of an office cubicle in Federal Way, WA. Dealing in office furniture for many years, we have seen the way the modular setups have changed the face of the offices over the years.

Trust us to provide a cubicle system in Federal Way based on the following:

  • Budget
  • Design
  • Layout

You can get glass cubicle walls to maintain the transparency as well as the privacy. We recommend you consider price as not the only factor when choosing the cubicle setups as there are other important factors to look for as well.

Federal Way Office Cubicles


The choice of the right office cubicles ideally depends upon your requirements, the number of employees, and the need of individual office desks for them. If you are tight on budget, you can even choose the used office cubicles, which after being refurbished, looks like new.

Rely on us for your requirement of office cubicles in Federal Way as we have been catering to the needs of local businesses for many years. We can help you choose the ideal cubicle set up based on the following essentials:

  • Height
  • Color
  • Material
  • Size

Power requirements and additional accessories required will also contribute to your choice of the cubicle style. You can call our representative to assess the office space and recommend the ideal setup.

Federal Way Cubicles


Dealing in used and new office furniture, we have an ample supply of used office cubicles for sale. You simply need to specify your requirements and we will handle the rest. We understand that you would like the office space to be used efficiently and that is what we work towards.

Count on us for your requirements of cubicles in Federal Way. Consider spending money on the office setup as an investment that will give you returns by way of higher employee productivity.

Rely on our office furniture as it is:

  • Durable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Strong

Trust us to choose a cubicle system that can grow as your business grows. We assure you of customized services and products. Call Northwest Modular Systems Furniture at (206) 457-2628 for any requirements of cubicle setup in Federal Way.