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Gig Harbor Corporate Art


Are you wondering why you should consider corporate art for your Gig Harbor, WA office? The right corporate art can:

  • Inspire your in-house staff
  • Impress your customers
  • Express your brand identity

At Northwest Modular Systems Furniture, our goal is to make corporate art accessible to everyone. With corporate art, Gig Harbor businesses can make their office aesthetically appealing and improve employee creativity.

Our selection includes both new and pre-owned office artwork. No matter what your needs and budget are, you are going to find corporate artwork that is right for you when you choose us!

Gig Harbor Office Artwork


Thinking about custom office art? Perhaps you have recently moved or renovated your premises or you just have plenty of blank walls. We can help you reap the benefits of introducing custom office artwork into your Gig Harbor workplace.

Office artwork can have a positive impact on the employees, engaging and motivating them through their work environment. We can create totally unique and original office artwork that incorporates your logo, brand colors, and concepts.

We provide custom office artwork service for businesses like yours from conception to design and reality. With custom office artwork, we can create an atmosphere in your office or reception that makes customers feel welcomed. We work with businesses of all sizes to provide office artwork that best suits their environment. Our office artwork can:

  • Create a stunning focal point
  • Bring calm to busy spaces
  • Brighten dull spaces

Gig Harbor Office Wall Art


Are the walls in your home bare? Of course not. We believe that walls in business environments should not be any different. That is why we offer an exciting range of office wall art to enliven Gig Harbor workplaces. Surround yourself, your employees, and your customers with our eye-catching office wall art.

We can help you choose the right office wall art for your needs and your budget. Whether you need office wall art for your reception or boardroom, we can meet your needs. Let us express the heart and soul of your company through art.

More reasons to choose us include our:

  • Huge selection
  • New & pre-owned art collections
  • Affordable prices

If you would like to find out more about how office wall art could enhance your Gig Harbor office or workplace, do not hesitate to call Northwest Modular Systems Furniture at (206) 457-2628.