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Our items sell fast, so make an appointment to come by our warehouse or look through our vendor's catalogs to see some awesome deals that would be a shame to miss! Why spend more money for office furniture you can get for up to 80% off? You won't have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Federal Way Conference Tables


Conference rooms and meeting rooms are places where crucial decisions concerning your business and offices are made. There is a popular saying: “The first impression is often the last impression.” Thinking along those lines, for an outsider, the layout of the conference room could be the difference between an everlasting positive or negative impression.

A number of businesses in Federal Way, WA have given NW Modular the responsibility of designing and furnishing their conference rooms and offices. Since our inception in 1999, we have consistently delivered great results. At NW Modular, our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied by selling the highest quality conference room furniture available.

Whether you are planning to open a new office in Federal Way or to upgrade the office you’re in now, we can help you find just the furnishings you need, including the perfect conference table. You may be thinking about getting modern looking conference tables for your office or more traditional, durable ones that will last for years.

From the most popular models to custom-made, specially ordered models, we offer conference tables to suit any office. We carry high-quality new conference tables, as well as Pre-Owned Tables. Give us a call or pay us a visit to shop for your office furnishings, including conference tables. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Federal Way Conference Room Tables


Like people, each business is different and has different needs. We carry conference room tables to fit the needs and style of each diverse business in Federal Way. The requirements of large and small businesses are different in regard to conference room tables.

To meet the needs of all types of businesses, we stock a variety of styles and sizes of conference room tables that will accommodate numbers ranging from two to more than 20. We sell both brand new and used conference room tables to accommodate any budget. We are confident that we can help you find the best conference room table for your office.Why go anywhere else

Federal Way Conference Room Furniture


No matter what you need for setting up a conference room, we have what you need, including conference room furniture like chairs, cabinets and tables. We sell a full line of popular, top quality conference room furniture.

As with other office furniture, we can also special order conference room furniture that is made to your specifications.For those who are on a budget, we have a good selection of used conference room furniture.Contact us to learn more about conference room furniture available at NW Modular for your Federal Way business.

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