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Bookcases and Other Office Storage Solutions in Tacoma


Northwest Modular Systems Furniture is a locally owned company in the Tacoma, WA area, offering tremendous varieties of bookcases, file cabinets and storage cabinets that are traditionally designed along with superb wood craftsmanship. Bookcases in the Tacoma area are basically used to display essential books and documents in an organized and structured manner. You can choose our bookcases in the Tacoma area because:

  • Our bookcases are sturdy
  • Our bookcases are easy to clean
  • Our bookcases are stain resistant
  • Our bookcases are easy to maintain
  • Our bookcases in the Tacoma area meet every kind of safety standard

When it comes to purchasing cubicle furniture, including storage cabinets or bookcases in the Tacoma area, do not forget to visit us. We offer durable bookcases that will stay in your office for many years to come.

File Cabinets for the Tacoma Business * New and Used File Cabinets


When inspiration strikes, you do not want a single minute for searching out things. Therefore, file cabinets in the Tacoma area are one of the best ways to sort your items and paperwork so that you get enormous space to fill the room with big ideas. Moreover, file cabinets in the Tacoma area help you keep your confidential files safe. Features of file cabinets in the Tacoma area are:

  • File cabinets in the Tacoma area add a touch of professionalism to your office
  • File cabinets provide a secure way to store important work
  • File cabinets give you peace of mind as they have strong lockers
  • File cabinets come with complete drawer stopping technology
  • File cabinets offer mobility

Whether you require bookcases, file cabinets or storage cabinets choose us. We employ highly qualified workers who design custom file cabinets in no time.

Storage Cabinets to Keep Your Tacoma Business Organized


Do you have plentiful items that have become clutter or annoyances? If yes, there can be nothing better than storage cabinets in the Tacoma area. Generally, storage cabinets in the Tacoma area come with the combination of drawers and shelves and can be designed to roll, rotate or stack as per the situation. Diverse styles are available for storage cabinets in the Tacoma area, such as:

  • 1-door floor storage cabinets in the Tacoma area
  • Shutter-door corner wall storage cabinets
  • 2-door wall storage cabinets
  • 1-door with open shelf mirror floor storage cabinets
  • Commercial grade storage cabinets

To get free estimates for the design and installation of storage cabinets, file cabinets as well as bookcases, residents of the Tacoma area can feel free to call Northwest Modular Systems Furniture at 206-457-2628.