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Bookcases and Other Office Storage Solutions in Seattle


Holding years of experience, Northwest Modular Systems Furniture is a well known company offering both used and new office furniture, including bookcases, storage cabinets and file cabinets within an affordable price range in the Seattle, WA area. Bookcases in the Seattle area are a convenient way to store the collection of books, awards and other decorative items used in offices. Reasons for equipping your office with bookcases in the Seattle area are:

  • Bookcases give a classic style to your indoors
  • Bookcases fulfill your workspace needs
  • Bookcases make your room look more spacious
  • Bookcases in the Seattle area are available in different styles and patterns
  • Bookcases make the place look tidy and clean

Depending on your needs and requirements, we offer a huge selection of storage cabinets and bookcases in the Seattle area that will definitely provide an inviting feel to your space. Our professionals are completely dedicated to providing premium bookcases that complement your office space.

File Cabinets for the Seattle Business * New and Used File Cabinets


Whether you have a large business or small, file cabinets in the Seattle area play an important role in making your business structured. Today, many manufacturers are offering mobile file cabinets in the Seattle area in order to give the utmost comfort to employees. Some distinctive features of our file cabinets in the Seattle area are:

  • Our file cabinets are pre-assembled
  • Our file cabinets have adjustable shelves
  • Our file cabinets have electronic coded locks
  • Our file cabinets in the Seattle area have sliding doors
  • Our file cabinets have molded corners

We are offering branded bookcases, file cabinets and storage cabinets along with a lifelong warranty. Apart from this, our professionals make certain that any kind of file cabinets you choose definitely match the architectural style of your workplace.

Storage Cabinets to Keep Your Seattle Business Organized


Installing storage cabinets in the Seattle area is one of the best ways to store supplies and paperwork efficiently, especially when they come in numerous shapes as well as sizes. Nowadays, storage cabinets in the Seattle area have also arrived with more durability that can fulfill the needs for executive offices. Benefits of using storage cabinets in the Seattle area are:

  • Storage cabinets fulfill incredible organizational possibilities
  • Storage cabinets combine great looks with efficient storage
  • Storage cabinets contain lockers that are perforated for ventilation
  • Storage cabinets in the Seattle area have maximum portable storage
  • Storage cabinets have an expedient work height

To get detailed information related to the design and installation of bookcases, storage cabinets and file cabinets, residents of the Seattle area can call Northwest Modular Systems Furniture at 206-457-2628.